Document Storage vs. Project Management

To really dig into what a document & project management system does and why it’s critical to law practices of all sizes, we should contrast storage with management.

Document or file storage is just that–a place to put documents. Your PC or laptop is a document storage system. Your company’s shared network drive (i.e. “the G:\ drive”) is storage. DropBox and Google Drive are both storage. You can store files there, organize them into folders and open them later. Nothing more, nothing less.

Document management is the storage of documents and files plus meaningful and useful tools to help you use the documents. Document & project management systems help professional services organize work-streams, collaborate on the same platform, assign tasks, report status, annotate events, search, retrieve, reproduce highly repetitive workflows and share workflows or documents; they keep professionals efficient and effective, increase productivity, avoid turnover risks and data loss.

Everything for a Project in One Place

One of the major reasons every professional services ought to have a document & project management system is workflow-centricity. Without a proper management system, case information, documents, email, and other data is likely scattered throughout several disjointed systems. For example: case data in your storage software, documents in DropBox or a network share, email in Outlook or Gmail. Such storage does not provide visualization of the time dimension or any interactive collaborative functions. A workflow-centric document & project management system organizes everything for a particular case or client–documents, email, case information, notes– in one place to effectively execute projects.

Document & Project Management Must-haves for Professionals

When evaluating a document & project management system, it’s important to note that not all are created equal or specifically for professional services. To learn what features a workflow-centric Document Management system must have, contact us to talk to a LegalX Practice Advisor today.