Automated Calendar

Automate your execution processes with a Collaborative Calendar. It is not just a shared calendar, but it has privilege controls to empower teams to share information on the same page.

Collaborative productivity with the Big Picture in mind

Our product facilitates collaboration with privilege and security controls, it enables managers to think ahead in the time dimension and assign work for the team with one source of truth. Team members may report status of project workflows on real-time basis. Highly repetitive processes can be reproduced with proprietary templates and guidelines.

Track Progress with your Mobile Devices

Professionals face tight deadlines and regulatory expectations to record almost everything for accountability. LegalX empowers users to seamlessly switch between your computer and your mobile devices. All the deal information and workflow management power you need, now in your pocket too. Moreover, all changes of the events and tasks are recorded and can be rolled-back or restored with an audit trail.

Supervision and Privileges

No matter if your department is business, legal, finance, human resources, marketing or administration, team heads may devise the best execution practices for your use case with access controls and confidentiality protection.